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    • The Delux service gives the bike a tune-up and check-over.
    • The gears will be indexed.
    • The chain lubricated.
    • The brakes adjusted.
    • This service will get your ride running smoothly again. The bike will also get a full safety check to make sure everything is functioning and tightened correctly.
    • Suited for bikes that have been sitting around for a while with little use.
    • All parts and fitting required are extra.


    • This package includes the deluxe service plus a more comprehensive check and maintenance of other components.
    • All the inner cables are replaced and included in the cost of this service.
    • Plus we'll true your wheels if required.
    • The bottom bracket, cassette and chain will be checked and cleaned.
    • This will get your bike feeling almost like new.
    We will generally fit any extra parts required as part of the service and only charge the costs of the parts.


    • This is the ultimate option!.
    • Our full service includes:.
    • Full strip down.
    • All the components are taken off the bike and rebuilt and re-greased where applicable.
    • Your bike will look and feel like new!.
    • Suited for Cyclists who race or take part in high mileage events and want to get the best from the bike

*All prices are excluding parts unless otherwise stated.

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